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Posted on 11-23-2011

san diego chiropractorThe holidays are a time of sweets and other treats.

If you aren't careful, all those extra treats, whether from indulging at an office party or eating too much during meal times, can lead to extra pounds. Lower back pain can result if you put on too much additional weight, requiring a trip to the chiropractor for an adjustment.

Visit Our Chiropractors for Exercise Tips
If you don't have a regular exercise schedule before the holidays, talk with a chiropractor at our San Diego practice to find out how you can safely and healthfully start an exercise routine. Dr. Charles Salanger and Dr. Carol Spiegelman can help you develop a routine that will keep off extra weight both during the holidays and afterwards.

Indulge, But Not Too Much
During the holiday season, when cookies, cakes and beverages are in constant circulation, the key is not to deny yourself, but to indulge in moderation. The day of a big holiday party, eat a light lunch full of healthy foods such as vegetables and lean protein. Lettuce and other greens are low calorie and contain fiber, which fills you up. For help in choosing healthy lunch foods, inquire at our San Diego chiropractic office. At the party, you'll still be able to eat some sweets or other snack foods but, since you've had a light but filling lunch, won't go overboard.

Pick Up a Small Plate
The smaller your plate at a holiday event, the less food you can put on it. Grab the smallest plate at the buffet table and pile it with the healthiest choices available.

Watch the Beverages
Alcoholic drinks are abundant during the holidays. Since these drinks are not low in calories and usually contain a lot of extra sugar, your best option, if you choose to drink, is to limit yourself to a single drink per party. Enjoy your beverage, then switch to water, which has no calories.

What else can you do to avoid holiday weight gain?

Marta said:

That's right, Beth! Keep those hinges mnivog and well oiled! Traction is awesome. You just have to make sure you're doing ACTIVE posture exercise and using the push away intention to keep that valuable decompression that occurs.Hope you're enjoying the course! It's been great to have you as part of our pilot group.

2013-08-25 15:32:04

Saddam said:

KarenWhat a nice sweet relaxing magese! I actually found myself relaxing my shoulders and taking a deep breath while listening to your show on Being Mindful. I needed that! This is a show I will listen to again, especially when I need to just stop and live in the moment,

2013-10-04 06:32:13

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My back went out suddenly - for no reason. Went to 2 Dr.'s, had an X-ray - they found nothing wrong and had no recommendations. THEN a friend told me about Dr. Salanger - in 15 minutes the pain was gone and has not returned 2 weeks later. He gave me a couple exercises to do to strengthen the area. That's it - simple as that when you know what you're doing! THANK YOU Dr. Salanger!

Sara O.
San Diego, CA

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