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Posted on 04-23-2012

Today we are going to discuss some tips from Dr. Charles Salanger and Dr. Carol Spiegelman to prevent many types of personal injury. A Kearny Mesa personal injury may happen in any number of different ways, from a trip and fall situation to improperly lifting a heavy object, but our chiropractors want you to know that many personal injuries can be avoided by taking the proper measures. Keep reading to learn Dr. Salanger and Dr. Spiegelman's tops five tips for avoiding personal injuries.

Our Top Five Tips For Kearny Mesa Patients

1. The top thing that our chiropractors recommend is staying physically fit. When you have a strong body, particularly strong core muscles, you have a good support system for your spine. Kearny Mesa chiropractors recommend staying physical fit to prevent injuryThis will help to avoid back pain and neck pain. Additionally, when your body is strong and fit you are more aware of it and can react to potential injury better, even avoiding it completely.

2. Next, lift objects properly. Don't use your back but rather put your legs into lifting. This will help you to prevent back strain and pain, and can help you avoid spine injury.

3. Our next tip simple: Be aware of your surroundings. Personal injuries can often happen simply because a person doesn't "watch where they are going." Keep an eye on the ground, especially: Avoid uneven surfaces and potholes, and stay away from those sudden steps to avoid some painful jarring to the back or even worse injury.

4.Next, make use of safety equipment. This can mean many things: A hard hat at a construction site, a bicycle helmet, goggles when you are working on projects at home, or proper footwear and clothing for your job. Don't take risks with your safety and you can avoid many injuries.

5. Finally, we recommend avoiding overwork. The longer you work, the less focused you are. When you aren't fully aware, that is a prime time for personal injuries.

We want our patients to do all they can to avoid injury! Do you have any additional tips for avoiding personal injury?

Stefani said:

no we will only pay this. Then the attorney and isnruance company go back and forth and reach a final amount. Most people will take it. Pretty simple.That was a very simplified version. I assumed you have had an auto accident. The money you get is usually based on whose fault it is, the severity of injury, medical records, and the policy limits of isnruance. Things to consider. How good is the attorney about getting back to you. Keep in contact to make sure attorney is aggressively going after isnruance company. Things to ask attorney, ask if you medical bills will be taken out of your settlement. Also, be patient. Most clients get impatient, it takes a long time for treatment, etc., usually up to a year to settle case withou trial. With trial it could be two years. But if you are too hurried you could settle for a lower amount than what you could have gotten.

2013-01-08 11:16:16

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My back went out suddenly - for no reason. Went to 2 Dr.'s, had an X-ray - they found nothing wrong and had no recommendations. THEN a friend told me about Dr. Salanger - in 15 minutes the pain was gone and has not returned 2 weeks later. He gave me a couple exercises to do to strengthen the area. That's it - simple as that when you know what you're doing! THANK YOU Dr. Salanger!

Sara O.
San Diego, CA

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